Arkansas Fair
Managers Association

From the AFMA President…..

I feel honored to be selected to serve as your 2018 AFMA President.
I pledge to work hard to fulfill my duties as your President.  Congratulations
to the newly elected members of the AFMA Board of Directors:  James
Johnson, Kevin Hicks and associate member Kim Maple.  I look forward to
the coming year, serving YOU and the Arkansas fairs you represent.

The next meeting of the AFMA Board of Directors will be March 24, 2018.
We will start planning for the 2019 AFMA Convention.  If you have any
ideas, concerns or suggestions, please contact me or another AFMA Board
Member before our meeting.

Let’s continue our efforts to keep our Association strong and our fairs
successful.  Remember to contact your legislators and ask for their support for
funding for premium and construction funds.  Thank you for your support of
Arkansas Fair Managers Association.

Rob Smith
2018 AFMA President

From the Display of Fairs Committee……….

The Display of Fairs area looked great with nineteen fairs including the Arkansas State Fair
sharing their fair information !  The 2018 winning counties were Baxter, Faulkner, and Lonoke.
Other fairs displaying were Arkansas, Cleburne, Conway, Dallas, Fulton, Marion, Nevada, Pope,
Randolph, Sebastian, Searcy, Sharp, Three County, Tri-County, Yell, and the Arkansas State
Fair.  Keep up the good work, fairs!  We hope to see more displays next year!

The Arkansas State Fair Queen drew the names of the winning fairs.  Each winning county was
presented a check for $50.00, a “crafted” ribbon, and a framed certificate.

Cost for this committee was $150.00 for the three checks written by the AFMA Secretary.  All
other costs were donated.

2017 Committee Members
Mike Bradshaw
Phyllis Young
Lacie Beason

From the Hospitality Committee………..

The Hospitality Committee would like to thank everyone for your hard work and donations that
made this year’s Hospitality Room such a success.  We ran short on drinks, but we are working
on a solution for that for next year.  

We received some suggestions and are looking for ways to make this area work best for you.
The Hospitality Area is made possible by your willingness to volunteer to make our convention
great each year.  The taco bar was a huge success as well as the salad bar.  

We would also like to thank each fair that decorated a table for the People’s Choice Award.  It
adds color and makes for a very inviting atmosphere.  The three counties chosen for the People’
s Choice Awards were Three County, Sevier County and Johnson County.  Each received
a rosette sponsored by Regalia Manufacturing Company.

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

Hospitality Committee
Jennifer Barrett, Mike Bradshaw, Lacie Beason and Debbie Wells

From the 50/50 Committee……………

Hello from Imboden, AR

I want to congratulate all the winners in the 50/50.  We had three 50/50 drawings during the
2018 AFMA Convention in Hot Springs. The first 50/50 during the Early Bird Reception was used
toward purchasing prizes for Bingo. There was a total of $308 of which $154 went to
Sidney Brink.  The second 50/50 was during the Opening Session, collecting $415
for the AFMA Scholarship Fund.  Don Jones received $207.50 with the winning ticket.
50/50 number three took place during the General Session.  Bob Rawson was the proud
winner of $367,  the balance going to the general fund of the AFMA.

We want to thank everyone for buying tickets.  Hopefully, we will raise even more next year.
We hope everyone has a safe and great fair.  Please call if we can assist with your fair.

50/50 Committee
Georgia Ratliff, James Ratliff, and Debbie Helms

From the Scholarship Committee……………

Our Scholarship Committee extends a big “THANK YOU” for your donations for the
silent and live auctions which fund our AFMA Scholarship program.  Thank you to those who
work untiringly to organize and conduct the auctions.  Our total raised for 2018 with silent and
live auctions, carnival night and donations at this time is $8922.25

We now give nine scholarships through the AFMA Scholarship program.  The Steve Skelton
Endowed Scholarship, $1200; the AFMA Endowed Scholarship, $1000 the next three
Scholarships are $1000 each; three remaining scholarships are $800 each.  The AFMA
Associate Scholarship is for $500.

Start now preparing your seniors to fill out the AFMA Scholarship application.  Each county
was given scholarship applications in their registration packet.  You can also look on our
website: for the application.  Remember, only one application per county
which must be signed by the county fair president or fair manager.  Scholarship deadline
March 16, 2018.

AFMA Scholarship Committee
Georgia Ratliff, Rob Smith, Mike Bradshaw, Christy Skelton, Lisa Barr,
Larry “Muggs” Broomfield, Steve Jernigan

From the AFMA Lobbyist…………………..

This past week members of the Senate and the House met in joint budget hearings as they
prepare for the up-coming fiscal session.

The Governor presented his balanced budget proposal to legislators, who will act on the plan
during the fiscal session that begins on February 12, 2018.

Remember, even though the Governor proposes a balanced budget every year, it is the
legislature that has final authority to review and approve all state agency spending requests.

AFMA Lobbyist
Weldon Wynn

2018 AFMA Convention

The Seventy-First Annual AFMA Convention is now history.  We had 811 registered delegates
attending.    The AFMA Board is very appreciative of your continued support and participation
in the convention  activities.

The convention committees did an excellent job.  We could not have a successful convention
without YOU, the volunteers who are so faithful to assist year after year.

You will notice in the other articles in newsletter; Display of Fairs, 50/50, scholarship program,
hospitality, the participation was great.  All successful.

We do want to remember our ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.  They provide us with Carnival Night.
Oh what fun!!!  Games, corn dogs and the chocolate fountain.  What else could you ask for?
They donate their time, provide the prizes and games.  All proceeds go toward the AFMA
Associate Scholarship.  This year carnival night proceeds were $592.

Our tradeshow had nineteen associate booths.  They attend to talk with your fair board, to see if
they might be able to assist in anyway with your local fair.   It might be a carnival, rodeo,
fair ribbons, entertainment.  It is our intention for them to be a service to you.  Many traveled
from out of state and we do appreciate their time.  We have to work hand in hand to provide a
successful fair.  

During our Business Session new officers were elected for a five year term.  Our new AFMA
Board members are James Johnson, Union County and Kevin Hicks of Lonoke County.  Kim
Maple is the new associate member for a two year term with Kenny’s Funland.  Your officers for
the 2018 year are:

                  Rob Smith                2018 AFMA President
                  Don Jones                First Vice-President
                  Mike Bradshaw        Second Vice-President
                  Barbie Washburn        Third Vice-President
Directors are Lacie Beason, Jennifer Barrett, Kevin Hicks, James Johnson, Georgia Ratliff, Phyllis
Young.  Associate Directors:  Kim Maple and Debbie Wells.
Director Emeritus:  Wendell Phillips, Steve Jernigan, Lloyd Dunaway and Weldon Wynn
AFMA Secretary, Carolyn Wynn.

We had two AFMA Board members who served out their ten year term; Pam Lloyd and Jan
Moore.  Both will be missed on the AFMA Board but hopefully will still attend and continue
their support to the Arkansas Fairs.

The delegates were entertained by great entertainment.  The Friday night showcase was enjoyed
by all who attended.  Michael Mayo, a comedy hypnotist had twenty volunteers who definitely
put on a show.  This year we also had a Saturday morning showcase with Jason Prichett a
Nashville recording artist.  Maggie Thorn out of Missouri sang as votes were counted during the
election of officers.  The grand finale was Johnny Counterfeit who was a fabulous impersonator.

We can’t leave out the recognition for those who decorated throughout the convention area.
The Red, White, and Blue theme was very evident.  Thanks to the decorations committee which
consisted of Pam Lloyd, Matt Lloyd, Georgia Ratliff, and Beverly Doremus.  They also assisted
Barbie Washburn and the Tri County Fair with decorations for the annual banquet.  

The AFMA Convention ended by recognizing those who have worked hard in the fair industry
over the past years.  Those honored were:
          Charles Smith Award                        Jeff Robertson, Montgomery County
          Hall of Fame Award                        Glenn Priebe, Baxter County
                                                               Johnny Maple, Kenny’s Funland
          Work Horse Award                        Leroy Nunn, Sevier County
          Mary Louise Fiser Family Award   James Skelton Family
          Visitation Award                            Steve Jernigan, Poinsett County
          Travel Trophy                                White County Fair
You all have special volunteers at your fair.  Why not nominate them for one of the above
awards?  The guidelines are on our website,  Send your nomination NOW.
The deadline will be October 1, 2018.  Honor that special person.

The convention sponsors are very important to our AFMA Convention.  We want to acknowledge
Archway Amusements, Inc., Animal Specialties, Kenny’s Funland, Pride Amusements, Thomas
Carnival, Inc., Staate Custom Awards, Fair Publishing House, Regalia Manafacturing Company,
Arkansas Federal Surplus Property, Hambone Express, Wells Fun Land, Allied Specialty
Insurance, Inc. and Swyear Amusements, Inc.

Convention plans are underway for 2019.  The theme will be Gamblers and Gangsters.
If you have suggestions on how to improve the convention or an activity you would like to see
added, contact the AFMA Board.  The convention committees will be working hard to find
educational seminars, good entertainment and associates to participate in the trade show area
with a booth.

Convention dates:  January 10-12, 2019
Arlington Hotel

This closes the highlights of the 71st Annual AFMA Convention; Red, White and Blue