Arkansas Fair
Managers Association

Message from the 2017 AFMA President

Greetings from Perry County!!!
The Audit/Premium Committee which consisted of Pam Lloyd, Georgia Ratliff, Carolyn Wynn and  
“yours truly” met at the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission on June 23, 2017.  We
reviewed the audits forms for the county and district fairs of Arkansas.  Patrick Fisk, Director of
the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission, was there to welcome us, as well as answer all
the questions that we had about some of the audit forms.  Questions were asked and he will
bring these answers to the 2018 AFMA Convention in January.

From the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission meeting in Little Rock, we drove to
Batesville for the AFMA Board meeting.  The AFMA board met at the Independence County
Fairgrounds for the meeting and afterwards we were served a delicious meal from their fairboard.

The committees all reported on their progress for the up-coming 2018 AFMA Convention.
One of the discussions, was increasing the number of vendors in the tradeshow.  If there is
anyone in your county that would like to be interested in having a booth, please tell them to
contact Carolyn Wynn, AFMA Secretary.

Your AFMA board is working hard to bring new ideas to the AFMA convention.  If you have
suggestions, please contact an AFMA board member for the board to consider.

I want to say “Good Luck” with your county, district and state fairs this year.  I hope good weather
prevails for everyone.

Jan Moore
2017 AFMA President

50/50 Committee

We will have 50/50 drawings again this year at the 2018 AFMA Convention.  The first
will be at the Early Bird Party on Thursday night.  The winner will receive half; the other
half going toward  Bingo prizes.  The proceeds from the second 50/50 drawing will go
toward the Scholarship Fund, and the third will go to the General Fund.

Again, enjoy your summer………stay safe, and I hope to see you at some of the fairs!

Georgia Ratliff
50/50 Committee Chairman

Message from Nomination Chairman

Hello from Batesville!!
I hope everyone is having a great summer.  There will be two (2) positions for the AFMA Board
to  be filled at the 2018 AFMA Convention in January.  Jan Moore and myself will complete our
ten (10) year term on the AFMA Board.

We need people serving this organization who are willing to work to improve the Arkansas fair
industry.   Our goal is to promote the youth and families in their best interest, having a
knowledge of the fair industry and being a voice for the people.  This is your board.  You
deserve to be represented.

Those who send in resumes must be a current member of a fairboard to be eligible to serve on
the AFMA Board.  Along with your resume, you need to have a letter of support from your local
fairboard stating you are in good standing with the fairboard and community.  The deadline has
been changed to  OCTOBER 1, 2017  

I hope each of you have a safe and prosperous fair.  If I can be of assistance to you, please let
me know.

Pam Lloyd
Nomination Committee Chairman

2018 Display of Fairs

It is fair time again!  As we plan our county, district, and state fairs, now is the time to gather data
for the 2018 AFMA Display of Fairs.  Remember, the theme is Patriotic Red, White, and Blue. We
look forward to seeing what your fair is doing to recognize veterans as we continue to promote
agriculture, youth development, and family values.  The display will be in the same location of the
Arlington Hotel on the second floor.  It will be decorated in red, white, and blue.  Bring your
display, find an open spot, and set up on Thursday or Friday prior to the Opening Session One.  
Once again we will be recognizing three displays during our meeting on Saturday during Session
Two (Business Meeting).

Call any of the three committee members if you have questions or ideas to improve the area.

Display of Fairs Committee

Lacie Beason – 501-258-2142
Mike Bradshaw – 870-404-0592
Phyllis Young – 501-733-4519

Report From AFMA Scholarship Committee

Hello from Imboden, AR!!!

I hope everyone is getting geared up for the up-coming fair season.  If you can attend any of the
Fairs, please do so! I’m sure you will learn something new form each one.

We had a great meeting in Batesville.  I want to say a big “thank you” to Pam and the gang for
their hospitality.  I’m sure we are going to miss going there when Pam goes off the board.

We voted at the June meeting to increase the Steve Skelton Endowed Scholarship to $1,200, the
AFMA Endowed Scholarship to $1,000, three (3) additional scholarships to $1,000 and the
remaining three (3) will remain at the $800 for now until we see how this next year goes.

Hope everyone enjoys the summer and hope to see some of you at your fairs.

Georgia Ratliff
AFMA Scholarship Committee

2017 Arkansas Fair Dates

Independence Co. Fair        07/17-22                        White County Fair        09/11-16
Fulton County Fair                07/24-29                        Stone County Fair        09/11-16
Izard County Fair                07/31-08/05                      Pope Co. Fair             09/12-16
Sharp County Fair                07/31-08/05                    Arkansas Co.  Fair        09/12-16
Sevier County Fair                08/05-12                        Baxter County Fair        09/12-16
Miller County Fair                  08/07-12                        Clay County Fair           09/13-16
Benton County Fair                08/08-12                        Drew Co. Fair              09/16-23
Little River Co. Fair                08/08-12                        Calhoun Co. Fair        09/18-22
Montgomery Co. Fair              08/12-19                     Northwest District        09/18-23
North Logan Co. Fair               08/12-19                     Union County Fair        09/18-23
Lawrence County Fair              08/14-19                    Lonoke County Fair      09/18-23
Sebastian County Fair              08/19-26                    Lincoln County Fair      09/18-23
Johnson County Fair                08/21-26                       Pike County Fair         09/18-23
Madison County Fair                08/21-26                       Lafayette Co. Fair        09/18-23
Poinsett County Fair                08/22-26                        Grant County Fair        09/18-23
North Franklin Co. Fair           08/22-26                          Northeast District        09/19-23
Mississippi Co. Fair                08/22-26                        Van Buren Co. Fair        09/19-23
Carroll County Fair                08/26-9/02                        Cleveland Co. Fair        09/19-23
Newton County Fair                08/27-09/03                     Perry County Fair        09/19-23
St. Francis Co. Fair                08/28-09/02                     Faulkner Co. Fair        09/19-23
Randolph Co. Fair                08/28-09/02                       Prairie County Fair        09/20-23
Polk County Fair                  08/29-09/02                        Ouachita Co. Fair        09/20-23
Washington Co. Fair            08/29-09/02                     Bradley County Fair        09/21-23
Howard County Fair                09/04-09                        Arkansas/OK Fair        09/22-30
Hot Spring Co. Fair                09/04-09                        Chicot County Fair        09/23-29
Greene County Fair               09/04-09                      Three County Fair        09/25-30        
Scott County Fair                   09/04-09                        North Central Dist.        09/25-30
Tri-County Fair                      09/04-09                         Southwest District        09/26-30
Cleburne County Fair            09/05-09                        Southeast District        10/02-07
Searcy County Fair                09/05-09                        Arkansas State Fair      10/12-22
Marion County Fair                09/05-09
Conway County Fair               09/05-09
Saline County Fair                 09/05-09
Yell County Fair                     09/05-09
South Logan Co. Fair            09/05-09
Dallas County Fair                09/06-09
South Franklin Co. Fair        09/07-09
Garland County Fair             09/07-16
Dist. 4-States Fair                09/08-17
Ashley County Fair                09/09-16
Nevada County Fair              09/09-17
Columbia County Fair           09/11-16
Crawford County Fair            09/11-16
Clark County Fair                  09/11-16

Scholarship Recipients Announced

The recipients of the 2017 AFMA Scholarships have been announced.  We currently present
eight (8) scholarships from AFMA and one (1) for AFMA  Associates. We are proud to announce
the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018 recipients.  They are as follows:

Jessica Wesson              Steve Skelton Endowed Scholarship         $1000
White County

Kyla Patterson                AFMA Scholarship                                      $800
Arkansas County

Laney Baker                   AFMA Scholarship                                      $800
Sevier County

Kinder Harlow                AFMA Scholarship                                        $800
Washington County

Gabrielle Sisk                AFMA Scholarship                                       $800
North Franklin County

Madison Looper            AFMA Scholarship                                       $800
Sebastian County

Thomas Taylor              AFMA Scholarship                                       $800
Madison County

Katelynn Copeland         AFMA Scholarship                                      $800
Greene County

Addison Harmon              AFMA Associate Scholarship                     $500
Miller Spectacular Shows

We want to encourage each fair to have a student to apply from each county.  Each county is
responsible for selecting one application to submit to the AFMA.   We need more
participation.  The applications will be given out at the 2018 AFMA Convention in the delegate
packets.  Also, the web site,, will have a copy of the application which can be
typed, printed, and forwarded to the AFMA office, once the president or fair manager has signed
the application.

We appreciate the support of the counties, districts, and state fair.  You have always provided
wonderful items to auction off, plus you have given of your time and money’s to support the
scholarship program.  We are always open to new ideas of ways to “fund” the scholarship
program.  Let us hear from you.

Scholarship Committee

Recognize Your Fair Volunteers

The AFMA board wants to encourage each fair, district or state fair to look at your fair
Volunteers.  Where would you be without them?  Why not recognize that special person
this year.  We are asking “YOU” to send in your nominations.  We have several awards
that are given out each year to recognize volunteers throughout the fair industry.  The
qualifications are listed on our web site,  Consider nominating a deserving
person for one of the following awards:

            Charles Smith Award
            Hall of Fame Award (both fair and associates)
            Mary Louise Family Award
            Workhorse Award

Your nominations will be accepted until October 1, 2017.  Please forward to AFMA,
10757 State Hwy 54E, Star City, AR    71667.  If you have questions, please call Carolyn
Wynn at 870-534-4055.

Remember our convention dates are January 11-13, 2018 at the Arlington Hotel in Hot
Springs.   The convention theme will be RED, WHITE AND BLUE.