Arkansas Fair
Managers Association
                                               July 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from your 2018 AFMA Board of Directors!!!!

The AFMA Board met in Mountain Home on June 23, 2018.  We appreciate the hospitality extend
ed  to the AFMA Board by Mike Bradshaw and the Baxter County Fairboard.  We continued maki
ng plans for the 2019 AFMA Convention to be held from January 10-12, 2019.

All of our committees will be working to make this the best convention we’ve ever had.
 We are open to your suggestions and comments.  Our purpose is to promote and support Arkan
sas fairs, to provide AFMA members with beneficial information and to hold an annual e
ducationally-oriented convention and special meetings.  

Our theme for 2019 is Roaring Twenties, which will be displayed throughout the convention hal
ls, display of fairs, table decorations in the hospitality area, and at our annual banquet.

We are proud to announce our AFMA Scholarship winners for the 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring
Semesters.  They are as follows:

       Steve Skelton Endowed Scholarship        Baylee Mangrum                $1,200
 Greene County
       AFMA Endowed Scholarship                     Hannah Powell                  $1,000
  Clay County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Allyson Sellers                   $1,000
 Faulkner County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Veronica Rivas                $1,000
 Sevier County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Kalie Seagraves                $1,000
 Randolph County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Trey Britt                          $ 800
 Garland County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Kaylie Stone                     $ 800
Clark  County
       AFMA Scholarship                                    Rebecca Webb                $ 800
Little River Company

The Scholarship Committee has taken two (2) of the existing scholarships and endowed.
One has been named the Lloyd Dunaway Endowed Scholarship and the other AFMA
Endowed Scholarship.  We appreciate the Arkansas fairs and their support to our AFMA
Scholarship program.  Encourage the youth of your fair to submit an
application.  We want to be a part of their education.

The AFMA Board will have two positions to fill at the 2019 AFMA Convention.   Jennifer
Barrett and Mike Bradshaw will each complete their first five-year term.  Both are eligible to run fo
r a second five-year term.  If you or someone connected to your fair would like to be considered f
or the AFMA Board, please submit a letter prior to October 1st, signed by your fairboard that
the “candidate is an active voting member of his/her fairboard  and maintain the status during th
e term or terms of the candidate”  Candidates may be nominated from the  floor at the confere
nce meeting and must have a letter submitted by their fairboard.

During the convention, we like to recognize those who have been special to their fairboard.  We
ask that you take time to nominate and honor that special volunteer.  You can find the quali
fications listed on our web site:   we will accept nominations for the Hall of
Fame, Charles Smith Memorial, Mary Louise Fiser Family Award, and Work Horse Award.  
Nominations need to be received by OCTOBER 1, 2018.

Please Remember:  We have several changes which will take place at the 2019 AFMA Conven
tion.  Registration is now $25 per person ($35 later registration), banquet tickets will be
$40 per person, seminars will be Friday morning and Saturday morning.  Bingo will be played
from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon.  Tradeshow will remain open to delegates and
associates to do their fair business on Friday afternoon.

Associates please be advised that we will be increasing the price of the booth space to $175, A
ssociate membership will remain at $50.  If you know anyone interested in having a booth in the T
RADESHOW area, please have them to contact Carolyn Wynn, 870-534-4055.  Each booth
is 8x10 with a table, two chairs, electrical outlets and signage.

The committees are planning “FUN” activities throughout the 2019 Convention.  Come enjoy
a good meal at the Early Bird Reception.  I’m sure you will see delegates dancing to the Charle
ston or Jitter Bug, 50/50, Roaring Twenties Parade, Cowboy Capers.   Carnival Night will have mo
re floor space and tickets will be used for all activities.  We are planning to include water as well
as a few coke products, which can be obtained with the tickets.

Additional activities that are new this year will be a Mystery Game, involving a mystery to be so
lved, looking for clues throughout the convention.  Also, we will be raffling off a Browning
A-Bolt III Hunter 7MM-08 with a Nixon 4-12x scope to be given away on Saturday of conven
tion during the General Session.   Tickets will be $10 each and can be purchased from any A
FMA Board member.  Each AFMA board member will have tickets from August through
convention in January.  Details on AFMA website:

Make plans now to attend the 2019 AFMA Convention.  Convention dates are January 10-12,
2019.  Watch the AFMA website: for more information on the convention.